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2001-12-22 00:43:25 (UTC)

finally. school. is. out.

i'm so glad i don't have to wake up in the morning to the
sound of my alarm clock. i can finally sleep in. well,
untill my sister wakes me up playing her guitari went to
the mall today to get some stuff for my dad. only i didn't
have that much time, and i couldn't go shopping for me. but
i did go into this really neat-o shop that just opened. i
tryed on these awsome velvet leporid pants. i loved them.
and i told my mom about them, so i think shes going to get
them for me tomorrow. i don't really know anything else
that shes getin4me. but she has been giving me some hints.
my sister melissa is in a really bad mood. and she wants
on. too bad. i have to b-sit tonight. i hate lil kids. they
drive me crazy.... i'm just doing it for the $$ so that i
can go back to that store and get some more stuff after the
holidays. really, all the money i've been getting lately
i've been saving for my drum set, so i haven't really had
much spending money. i'm getting close to getting one.
well, i think anyways. the lady said that the brats would
be asleep, so i don't reallyhavedo any "watching." my
parents are at this stupid xmas party thing. my mom kept
complaning to me about how she didn't want to go. i don't
know why she didn't just tell my dad. i mean, am i really
going to be able to do anything about it? i REALLY want to
dye my hair. so-o bad. i think it would be cool to have it
pink at the top then purple then dark purple. but one
problem- my mom won't let me. whats her problem? i mean,
its my hair. i should be able to have it any way i want.
right? shouldn't i? so what i'm thinkin about doing is
going ova to my friend jordan's house, although i don't
know if she wants me over, but thats too bad, and she can
dye my hair. and when i get home and my mom freaks out,
i'll just be like "well we thought it would wash out" also,
my mom won't let me get my hair cut short like i want, so
i'm thinkin about cutting like half of it off,
fake "freakin out" and go yelling to my mom how
i "accidently"cut a big hunk of my hair off when i was
cutting my hair tie. then, she would have to take me to get
it cut the rest of the way. but.... i don't know if i'll do
that. maybe the dye thing i will. oh, well. melissa is
screaming so i haveta go. man i wish i was bigger than her.