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2001-12-21 23:39:51 (UTC)

What the Hell Am I Thinking?

You know who sucks? Everyone except my wonderful friends!!!
Hmm.. now, what is there to say? Gah!! ...

What's Your Lucky Number?

MoNmOn, your lucky number is number Five!

Hey there, smarty pants! You Number 5s might wear that
nickname well because you're pretty clever—sometimes too
clever for your own good. You have an incredible thirst for
knowledge, but you don't glean all your information from


My My My, my favorite number is my lucky number!! WOW!! And
it says I'm clever, which goes really well with the score I
got on the HP quiz !!! HERMIONE!!!! AWESOME!!!


What's Your Flavor?

Mmm ... mocha! Strong and rich — but not too sweet — you're
the flavor of late nights and early mornings. A coffeehouse
regular, you've cornered the market on deep thoughts and
probably have a little more than your fair share of brains.
In fact, those who know you may even consider you an
intellectual, a label that suits you just fine. Deep and
thoughtful, you love the academic life — or at least the
structured pursuit of knowledge. And, since hitting the
books often means all-nighters, what better flavor than
mocha to keep you company? Chocolaty and intense, you're a
truly tasty treat.

((Look at me, I'm mocha!! I'm the color too!! ^^; ..))


Who's Your Type?

Your type is the Renaissance Man

Want a guy who's into just about everything? Well, you've
found him in yourRenaissance Man! This guy is extremely
passionate about everything you canthink of. His interests
run the gamut, from baseball stats to Dutch art, andhe
delves into all of his interests enthusiastically. Your guy
will doanything and go anywhere and most likely have a
smile on his face the wholetime. You'll constantly be
mesmerized by how much information he soaks upand retains.
Whether it's because he's extremely well-cultured or due to
hisromantic nature, you can't help but fall for this guy.
Although he's got aplethora of redeeming qualities, this
great catch can be somewhatscatterbrained. He can sometimes
lose sight of reality and wind up livinghappily in the
clouds. But when it comes down to it, that's exactly where
this guy will put you — on cloud nine.

((Y'know, I really don't think so..nope.. But I swear, if
it became a Preppy Guy, OH. MY. GOD. I'd kill myself.))


Today is awful. Horrible.. Feels icky and gooey.. ugh..


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