2001-12-21 23:38:36 (UTC)


OKay i'm brighter now I don'tknowthetime thatI Wrote the
other one and I REALLY hate this keyboard because the
spacebar sucks on it now!...but i talked to britt and we
are okay now...
well atleast from my standards we are....we've come to some
sort of an agreement....and we were all just out side
Rastling....although i was knocked on the ground by britt
and had a minor concussion but i recovered 3
sec.later...and him and my brother fought for like 20
min...and the both wouldn't give up...until eric's mom came
or something..

but i'm still sad because ana is leaving and that
sucks...but now i'm gonna go over eric's and eat my dinner
and watch some dvd's because he has a phat system...his
room has awesome surround sound it kicks mucho bootie!...

bye bye for now

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