My Life
2001-04-08 11:00:43 (UTC)

Well Sadie is here with us..

Well Sadie is here with us Wayne's Dad and Stepmom brought
her and some of her stuff with her Saturday. Sadie is a
beautiful Golden Retriever. She is such a good natured dog.
Brian my son adores her.Right now she is doing what are
other dog Samantha won't do and that is lay down. It has
always been my dream to own a Golden Retriever and now we
have one. It works out well in that his parents get to
still see her even though we have her... I think i am going
to take Sadie for a walk later on..I will have to write
more on how Sadie is adjusting to life in our househould.
thats all for now untill next time... Angela...