Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
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2001-12-21 23:07:55 (UTC)

December 21: 2001 Feelin' the holiday cheer

Well first off I wanna say that I'm sorry for not writing
back in awhile. I feel really bad because I started this
journal to vent my feelings and I haven't even had the time
lately to log on and type my heart out. It's strange 'cause
I'm not use to not having the time. Last year I was pretty
much a Hermit, I didn't really do too much stuff with my
friends out of school, but this year it's like wow! Maybe
it's because 'm in high school or just that I have a lot of
new friends now.

I meant to finish my entery last friday but I didn't get
home 'til after 1am so I was really tired. And if you need
to know, I had a lot of fun. Though the coffee shop is on
the other side of the bridge and a lot of that high
school's students were there. I guess the one thing was
that the 2 guys I really like were there. I was talkin' to
Kyle and we were into some major flirting, when Aaron came.
I really didn't know what to do, because it's like *AHHHH*.
I'm just so confused right now. Because I've never liked
more than one guy at a time and it's like Kyle keeps
sending me mixed signals and Aaron is just Aaron and now
Ryan is single and he's all like whatever and I thought
Ryan liked me but then yesterday he goes and tells me that
Marcus has a crush on me and I'm like what!? Cause Marcus
is cute and everything but I just don't know. It's like I
got some advice from one of ya and you told me to tell Kyle
that I like him but if I really did then why am I attracted
to so many other guys?? Look at me, I'm a fricking moron.
I'll just move on from this subject, though at least now I
can express my feelings in words.

One of the main reasons that I have wrote is because I've
been at the mall almost everyday for the past week. I can
finally say that I'm done Christmas shopping. Though a lot
of my friends' birthdays are coming up in January. *sigh*
It just never ends. I'm just so excited!! Christmas is
almost here and I can feel the happiness just flowing
inside of me. (Note: it might just be the sugar from the
half a dozen candy canes I've had at school today) HAHA I'm
just REALLY hyper so you can just innore me.

Have you seen Lord Of The Rings yet? I saw it on Wednesday
(opening day). I really like J.R. Token, he's an awesome
writer, God I'm a major nerd sometimes. But anyways the
movie is crunk!! Especially the ending, but I won't
tell 'cause I wouldn't want to ruin it for ya. But that's
not the only reason I was so excited to see it 'cause, wow
*Fans self with hand* Elijah Wood (The guy who plays the
hobbit) it's H-O-T!!! God, I'd give up some of my morals
for that man. *sigh* it's all in the eyes. To be honest I
didn't know that eyes could be that blue. So just go see
it 'cause I tell you.

I have to go. I'm going Bowling tonite. Have a awesome
Christmas Vacation, 'cause I know I will.


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