Randi Lynn

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2001-12-21 22:36:33 (UTC)

My First Entry....Woo.

Yes..Ive had a lovely day. I wake up in the Monring,
Feeling completly ill and not wanting to go to school,
Which ive disscused with my mother, The bitch, the night
before, she said I didnt have to go! But then she change my
mind after we got into this Huge fight. She claims its
because she wants my brothers, jimmy and kevin, to go. So I
Go, And When I get there its Raining. And Cold..Which
Sucks, and All my friends are already inside. Anyway. Ive
had this Stupid Stomache ached all day. Now iM Cold. Whats
more? The Relization that...*Gasp* I *Dislike* my life,
Strongly Dislike. I dont say hate, I say dislike..hate is
the word I use for Robyn. Lol. Then i gotta Sit Through
Lunch today listenting to my Friends talk about Their Sex
lives, in Great Detail, and I swear I dont want to hear it!
Have you ever gotten to Feeling that No one loves you, That
your Un-Needed? Woundered what the world would be like
without you? I think that Alot..Mabey people would actully
be better off without me. I Dont seem to be helping them
much! If ya need anymore Inspirational Words, Or want
something to cheer you up, letting you know your life isnt
the worst in the world - Honestly, Cheak back here, Im sure
it will cheer you up. Its not like i have anything else to
do except complain about my Life, and my Family that is
Screw up, And how my mom thinks I Need a Physchiatrist
because she thinks i "Over Emotional". Or How my Nana
thinks Im like my Uncle Billy, who Is afraid of public
places. Which im not!
·×¤Randi Lynn¤×·

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