a little piece of me
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2001-12-21 22:36:21 (UTC)


i hate being here already. my parents are driving me
nuts. i didn't get any sleep last night, either. people
don't know how to fucking shut up in the morning. my
parents were fighting at 6:00! urgh. i'm going to stay
with my grandma for the rest of the time, i think. much
better down here anyway. what i really want is to go back
to my house. fuck christmas! i'll come back to pick brett
up, then go straight back home.

i got a present from heather and tabitha today :) they
bought me a coat!!! that was too nice of them. it's the
warmest thing, too! i love it so much! it's ok that it's
baby blue lol. thanks a lot you two!

ok, well, i have no privacy, so i'm gonna get going.
blah. merry christmas everyone.


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