angel with issues

o fuck
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2001-12-21 22:24:43 (UTC)

kelley, the mall, and ben(my ex)

well hey guess what??? kelley is gonna sleep over tonight
and tomorrow we are goin to the mall together!! yipee!!!!
lol and i am gonna go christmas shopping this weekend, plus
Ben(my ex) might come over next week so we can ummm.....
talk. yea right, we will prob just end up making out the
whole time, he is a good kisser, one of my ex's jack, was a
very bad kisser but he was really hott though! well i can
wait for ben to come over next week, i wouldnt go out w/
him again though since we dont go to the same school so i
wouldnt get to see him much since i have swim practice
every day after school so i wouldnt get to see him much
except for talking online and on the phone!!!

well leave me lotsa notes peeps!!!

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