how to speak AUSTRALIAN
2001-12-21 22:23:31 (UTC)

Lesson #3: "Oh, bugger me"

Definition of buggery:

buggery Bug"ger*y, n. [OF. bougrerie, bogrerie, heresy.
See Bugger.] Unnatural sexual intercourse; sodomy.

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996,
1998 MICRA, Inc.

Now don't for a second imagine that this old "so bloody
heterosexual the very word (heterosexual) turns me on"
Aussie lad is asking for an arse rupturing. It's just not
cricket. No -- when one says "bugger me" it is in a
particularly metaphysical, oft vaguely confused sense.

For example: Ugly young Mick down the road scores with a
really hot girl 2 years older than him. You'd say "Well
bugger me -- I didn't know the little bugger had it in
him." This is a particularly fun example as to call someone
a bugger (usually "little bugger" or "silly bugger" it is
generally in the playful, affectionate sense. It may not
have been that way in my grandfater's generation, but I
don't know -- both of the old buggers are dead). So to use
the word bugger in a descriptive sense is generally playful
and irreverant.

In our example, we are somewhat mystified and puzzled --
evena little admiring of Mick's abilities. Maybe he has a
big dick or is good with the fingers. We don't know, and it
doesn't matter.

"Bugger me" can also be used as an expletive, as in: "ah
bugger me -- i just banged my bloody thumb with a goddamn

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