Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-12-21 22:22:31 (UTC)

Friday, December 21, 2001

The day was over before it began....

I have a problem with this, I believe...

I did my quick job this morning, plus returned a bike to
WM, and some other stuff, and got cash, a credit back on my
credit card, and a gift card.

I didn't realize how close Christmas was until a few hours
ago, heh heh. (I got too used to ignoring it...(?)) Hey,
never use the less than sign '', because everything inside will end
up missing...

My sister-in-law and her family (including their dog)
should be arriving sometime later today (maybe now, even,
but I'm on the phone as I write this...) to her mother's
house (not here). They said that they were going to stop
by later....that should be interesting (or maybe not,

Just went to MS website and tried to find the data format
for their wma format, but I guess I got to get the sdk if I
want to play around with it. Noticed that they also have a
speech sdk on there, cool.

My father-n-law just stopped and dropped off his fish
Arthur (who is a beta fish) because he (not the fish) is
going out of town for a few weeks (location undisclosed,

...and remember, when the Ainur were formed, it was
Melkor who... --Silmarillion