ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
2001-12-21 21:58:39 (UTC)

Total IMmorTAL.....

Hey all, well our first semester is FINALLY Over.
Now im finally on X-Mas vacation. Yesterday (which was
Thursday and a half-day)i went to Jessica's house with
Amber her sis Lauryn and Lauryn's b-friend James and we got
totally wasted. We didnt start drinken till the others got
their, which was like Paulina, Alehaundra, Kristy, TJ,
Jack, and a buncha other people. I am such a flippen
lightweight! i was the first one to get fucked up, which
was after like only 5 hits of the pipe and about 10
strawberry daquries and a Coors light and a Miller D.D. so
ya , it was kinda sad. it was so much fun though. i guess i
really looked like shit though cuz Jessica took one look at
me and the next thing i knew she was dragging me to the
bathroom so i could puke. it was sad cuz her and Jack and
Amber were trying to make me feel better(my stomache was
burning cuz i hadnt eaten anything all day) so they tried
cramming fuckin bread in my mouth and making me eat it but
i didnt want it so i spit it out and they got mad at me and
crammed the whole fucking piece in my mouth and made me eat
it. then they dragged me to Jess's room and dropped me on
the bed and told me to sleep, which i did. i kept falling
over and sleeping everywhere. i was so tired!!(heh heh)

PAULINA, on the other hand, is such a little
hoochie! She was really wasted too, and while i was
sleeping on the couch she and Rick(this guy she likes) were
on the other couch across from me making out. i woke up
once or twice and saw them (it was so gross) but it was
really funny. thnk gd they didnt fuck! that would have been
soooooo bad..... he he.... anywayz, ya, yesterday kicked a.
i wanna do it again! oh, it was so sweet cuz yesterday
Brian gave me a present for X-Mas and i opened it while i
was at Jess's and it was a picture of me, him, Travis,
Amber, and Kat from when we went to Boston's for the
Guttermouth/Authority 0 show. It turned out really good
cuz we were in front of the Boston's sign and my sis told
me i looked cute in the pic and i do so i got all happy!(my
pics usually turn out pretty bad).

I wanna go to Hot Topic sooooo bad so that i can
get that AFI hoodie (it was soooooo cute!) and it was the
last one and i want it !!! ahhhh!! i neeeeeeeed it !!! ok,
anyways...... i dunno. well ill write more later.