humming bird

my F***ed up head
2001-12-21 21:26:59 (UTC)


ok this isnt even a big deal but i dunno it just kinda
bothered me a lil and i really dont feel like telling my
friends about it i dont know why tho i just dont so i
figured that i would just write in this.... but yeah so
anywayz jason dropped me off today and he wanted to cme in
and see my dog but my dad was home and i am extremely
embarrassed of my dad and i didnt want jason to meet him
and i didnt tel jason this tho i was like i never have
anyone in my house when my parents r home and he like got
like mad at me and was like if u dont want me to come
inside just tell me but he took it the wrong way he like
thinks i dont want him to come inside becuz of him but i
just dont want him to becuz of my dad and he like left or
whatever and i was like dont be mad and he didnt say
anything and like i can tell when he is messing around and
i dont think he was and i dunno it's just like one of those
really stupid stupid things that ppl argue about but that
was the only things me and hank fought about, the stupid
lil not important things and like when he didnt say
anything to me today i like totally got a flashback of hank
i am not going thru that shit again and like it wasnt even
a fight between me and jason but i could tell he was pissed
at me and it bothered me but just whatever i already told
myself i am not getting attached to him i am not ever
getting attached to anyone ever again.... ok gotta go tho
so yeah i will talk to u later.... ok how gay am i "talk to
u later" it's a fucking computer ok i am gay so yah bye,