even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-21 21:09:19 (UTC)

and all the rest

so today i had to wake up early, and it was ok i might take
a nap in a little bit... i wore on of the shirts from the
salvation army today, the choir one, it hink its my
favorite... even thought its a little too big, that'll be
ok... so today is the chirtsmas party... peopel are gonan
show up at like 5.. so that should be fun... i don;t knwo
if its really going to work well, thouhg... sam and joselin
are together right now, and they are together alot...
blah... but, whatever... aums friend bobby is in town... he
was at school today and he shook my hand and he has a firm
handshake... and i was like, handshake... ok... so aum.. it
was funny, for me at least.. alex saw him and was like, he
doesn;t look like hes be aums best friend, and he doesn't,
its skin is really dry and ijust ate a
sandwich, it was great.... thinking thinking thinkgin...