2001-12-21 19:27:54 (UTC)


I just got an extremely wierd IM from someone who asked me
if I knew Travis Grady. WTF??? Oh well... I finished
Dragonfly in Amber, and I requested Voyager from the
library. I can't believe the bloody cliff hanger that book
left me on! Jamie didn't die at Culloden field? What the
heck it that all about. I hope that Claire and Jamie find
some way to get back together. I mean, maybe they can still
change history... *sigh* That just can't be the end of
thier thier romance, I sure hope Diana Gabaldon knows what
she's doing. I'm already pissed off about her killing off
Jamie, poor Claire. I wonder how Brianna is taking all of
this. I think she is being highly un-reasonable but she is
as stubborn as the Fraser she was born to. Gotta go.