Blood and Chocolate
2001-12-21 19:20:59 (UTC)


Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much! I am in class! ICK! its almost done!
Max ( aka. Charles) Is bugging me cause he wants to
use Mrs.D's computer!So I am writing in it to piss him
off! Haha . Well last night was freaky and I missed both
BUFFY'S ! I am so upset! oh well I will watch both
buffy's tonight then Dark Angel!!!! Yes! How kick butt is
that ! anyways today was pointless cause we haven't
done anything all day! IN econs we watch this gay ass
movie! It was so nasty ! I left class cause it was so
nasty! I couldn't believe he wanted us to watch it! Well I
gotta blaze cause max is having an HPBF! LOL ! well
talk to you later!
Luv ya