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2001-12-21 19:04:54 (UTC)

i did it!!!...victory of the people...

okay here's the deal...i went into class last period and it
was funny because when i walked in my teacher said "merry
christmas nicole you passed"...he was talking about my
senior project paper...i was like wow i passed...he didn't
know that i cheated and looked at my score yesterday...i
acted like i never saw it...and i was like cool...and then
he told me "yeah you got a b"...i was acting all happy and
then he said congradulations...and then i was really happy
because he told me that...

when me and my friend michelle were talking in class he was
passing back the score sheets and the papers...then he put
mine down on my desk and then took one last look at it and
then said..."i'm sorry nicole, i screwed up on your
grade" heart dropped...and then he said..."you got an
a minus"...then i felt so much better...i was so
happy...and surprised that i actually got an a minus...i
never got an a minus on a report...i never even had a
b...i'm so happy!!

it's all too weird to me because i tried for at least a
c...but i guess an a minus will do, hehe :) is the
feild work and i'll work on that durring christmas
break...i guess my hard work and countless days without
much sleep paid off...and if i didn't have a really caring
boyfriend i might have not passed...i'm really thankfull to
have someone like him in my life and i hope that his mum
knows that i'm thankfull for her help also because she
stayed up really late one night for me...and she took me
for an interview that really inspired me to write more...

my mum said that i can go to the movies with my church and now all i have to do is get a hold of him
and see if he still wants to go...i called her at work and
i told her about my a minus and she's really happy for
me...i know this because of the tone of her voice when she
said..."i'm really proud of you"...she's even happy for my
friends too...but i have this feeling of triumph in my
stomach...i'm gonna graduate with my friends...i was
affraid that i wouldn't...i'm gonna walk across the
stage...woah...i've started to cry...

i'm happy...i'm really happy...and i can kiss the whole
world!!....but i wont...instead i'll kiss jeremy.

thank you God!!

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