An Angel..Misguided

Diary of a Sinner
2001-12-21 18:53:29 (UTC)

Christmas....what bullshit that is...

Hey im back. And im here to talk about Christmas. Spare me.
What is the point of Christmas anyways? Just yet another
holiday where Jesus can be promoted! But you see, everyone
celebrates Christmas. Not everyone but, i mean,
non-Christians, they celebrate it, wikens celebrate it,
everyone celebrates Christmas, besides Jews, and those kind
of people. I wish that there was no Christmas. To many
people take for granted what its really about. Giving. Love.
Family. Most of my friends are just worried about the
presents, and the go around bragging to everyone about what
they're going to get. Me? I dont care what i get. Honestly,
It doesn't matter to me. The fact is that i get something,
that a person was nice enough to give to me. And that i give
somthing to a person that hasn't given me anything. I got
presents for almost all of my friends this year, Kazey,
Devon, Nathalie, Chrissy, and alot of other people too! And
i got 2 presents, from Chrissy ( a star pendent necklace )
And from Nathalie, ( bath n body workz stuff ). So i wish
that everyone, if just this year, stop and think what
Christmas is really about..The gift of giving...Punk Princess Sammie!!