ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
2001-12-21 17:50:27 (UTC)

Woo Woo!

well Dizzam! ninjas im finally outta skool for my xmas
break and i tell ya what i fucking deserve it..i think alot
of us around here deserve a break for the holidays...
ah no skool,no getting up early..just me doing artwork
and getting krunk!
Marks burial was today at 10 am ..i couldnt bring myself
to go to it but this weekend im taking roses up to the
grave and to pay my respects one last time.we gonna miss
you boy and imma see you on da otha side...
also MiKe comes home in a few days and me and him are
gonna party it up and all that so im excited..also my moms
b.f. comes home today from Ohio and ikno she'll be in a
good mood...she always gets so happy when hes home...cuz
shes getting booty.
well last night i finally got to talk to that crazy foo
Snackz from PGH.and he is one down ass juggalo and i hope i
get to chill with him next time im in Pitts.And Snackz if
you eva read this...YOU ONE FINE FAT KID!!!...and you kno
me ...i'm all about showing the fat kidz love cuz im one
but anways i think imma go work on my Tattoo collage or
however its spelled and wait on adam and jesse to get here
so we can all toke up...peace

*M*C*L* to all the Juggalos,Juggalettes,Ninjas,Crack
Addicts and they Mammas 2.

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