2001-12-21 17:43:42 (UTC)

i just woke up to my parents..

i just woke up to my parents finishing off a bottle of wine.
i love holidays.

anyway i have to go to work today and i really dont want to
i never want to go anymore.
and ince this holiday season began i have been working more
hours and with people that i dont even like.
and that sucks.
i really do think that im going to quit if i get hired at
adriennes work.
i think it would be a lot better for me.
emily couldnt come see me at work though.
that would be a little weird i guess.
but well deal.
mommy is making me donuts.
i love donuts.
i want cookies.
im going to tell her to make me cookies for after work.

i cant wait until christmas is here.
im excited about giving presents.
i still have a couple to get...
i dont know what to get alli.
i dont even know the girl anymore.
i havent gotten sergio anything.
but ill bring him a bday and christmas present when i go up
there during spring break.
i miss him.

i took a shower this morning.
and thats good i hadnt taken one in a very long time

i wish i could just sleep all day.

sid and nancy is a very good movie.
i want to make emily watch it.
i think shed like it a lot.

i wonder if that thing that i cant talk about is ready for
me yet.
i hope so.
im going to call.

blah. fuck today today is a work day blah