little mind farts...
2001-12-21 16:21:40 (UTC)

bright red itchy garland! :0)

it's the 21st, my last day of school and wow i am so
tired! i was up for two hours wrapping gifts. i got up at
5:30 this morning to write out christmas cards and get
peppermints and candy canes to pass out to people. it's
amazing how good it feels to see people's face light up. i
am running around school saying, "even though i don't know
you...merry christmas!" and i would throw them a
peppermint! it was great! they would look at me and
say, "oh thank-you" and their eyes would light up and they
would say, "oh you are so nice!" that made me feel
good. :0) i like being nice. although don't get me
wrong...i have my bitchy moments. ha ha
i recently experenced my first love. his name is vitor,
he was a brazilian exchange student. i am still in love
with him. we would still be together but he had to go back
to brazil. :0( we talk like 6 days a week for hours over
the internet. he calls me alot too! i love him so much!!!
he means so much to me. although i will date other people,
vitor is always going to be number 1 in my
my best friends, melis and vicki, bought me an angel
picture frame with vitor and me in it. i cried. it was the
best gift so far. i love them alot too...they are great
friends! god, i miss my vitor so much! yes i talk to him
alot but it is nothing like holding him in my
arms...kissing his lips...and seeing him smile. he has the
most beautiful smile!!!! i dont know what i would without
him! god bless him and his family. my beautiful
perfect vitor!

-michelle :0)