Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-12-21 16:08:56 (UTC)


Colleen. She walked 15 miles to some boys house from her
friend cassandras house and thats why we couldnt find her.
The mother that was supposedly bringing colleen home left
at noon and wouldnt be home til 8. *shrugs* Shes in
deeper trouble than she knows what to do with.

Dad is a jerk. Hes playing my mother against leigh ann.
Hes all i love you i miss you to mom and to leigh ann he
shows all the things mum says that he doesnt like. And hes
playing all this bs like hes not gunna see us, i think
because hes too lazy to drive all teh way up there and
doesnt wanna hafta tell the kids that they cant go. Hell,
theyre his kids now. He better learn some responsibility.
I blew up in the car at mum about it. Im like, hes all I
want to be in your lives and I love you and hes doing all
he can to not pay child support and get out of it. We cant
live in this house without it, we cant afford to. The jerk
knows that. What is wrong wtih him?! He doesnt even want
to be married to her, and he thinks hes some kind of martyr
or signant or whatever for the faith. Hes psycho!!! I
dont know. Maybe Im wrong. Everyone has their own version
of the truth. Like Huggles says, he has the correct time.
The correct time to me could be 1106, where to him its
1104, where to Germany its like, 5. Who knows. Its all a
matter of perception.

Mary, Im not going to break up with matt. Lol. I would
never do that. *HUG* I loves you. :)

I have to go to this thing with mum for her work. Yippee.
I want my matt. Lol.

Huggles, I loves you.

Matt, I miss you angel, and I love you soo much.


ps- Hey jessibicka ;)