The Story of Me
2001-12-21 16:03:03 (UTC)

Baby Blues

Well, I just got off the phone with the doctor's office. It
seems that I can't get an appointment until February for a
fertility consultation. I have to wait 2 months for 10
minutes of the doctor's time. Oh well right?

Last night Curt came over to pick up a set of Timberwolves
tickets Frank brought home from work. He hasn't been to my
house in months and it sure was good having him here. Curt
and Frank bs'ed until 1am. I burned him a cd, and made sure
it worked this time. Lots of good tunes and I gave him my
treasured copy of "Who the Fakk is Alice?" I have it on my
puter so I can burn another copy for myself. I just know he
really wanted that song:) I heard Frank tell Curt, "I
need to come over soon and kick your ass in a game of
football. *laughing*" I hope the boys do spend more time
together. I think it will be good for Frank to have a buddy
to call up and do things with. Since he came to the States
he's been pretty much alone. Sometimes I forget that he
doesn't have friends outside of my family. I sure hope that
he and Curt develop a lasting friendship.

Tonight Frank is taking me out for my birthday. We are
going to the Pine Loft here in town. A little spendy, but
then again, we always did have a taste for the finer
things.:) I just wish we had the pocketbook to match! lol

Monica didn't call me to wish me a happy birthday. It
bothers me, yet, it doesn't. I dunno. Maybe it hurts a
little because I made sure to call her on her birthday and
make a big deal of it. She's probably busy with Mercedes
and all the custody crap. Then again, maybe she's just been
partying too much to notice anything outside her world. Who
knows. All I know is I miss my friend.

I called Brian yesterday. He didn't pick up and I have to
admit I was midly worried about him since we hadn't talked
for a few days. I managed to run into him on-line and he
let me know he was going to the doc today. I pray all goes
well for him. It's a shame that one of the greatest men I
have ever met should fall victim to cancer. My thoughts and
prayers are with you Bri. Hang in there sweets.

Enough for today, hopefully after going out tonight I will
have something funny to share. I never party these days
without having a good story come of it! hehehe