Feck what did life do to me today?
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2001-12-21 15:56:32 (UTC)

jailhouse crotch

i've got about 9 minutes till Debbi Travis' Painted house
comes on so this entry shall be short. Talk to husband
about sex problem. He took it rather well and i feel tons
better. At least i don't think he thinks it has anything to
do with him. I'm just revolted by sex at the moment. I
don't want to be touched and I'm actually okay about it.
Going to download all of the Sublime "sublime" album. At
least no one can steal this one from me. Xmas is a coming
and tomorrow we are going to see lord of the rings so
that's something i guess. Papa's still dead so .......just
so. There's not much i feel i want to say about that.

I got "where the heart is" from blockbuster for £4.99. So
that's fucking cool! I'm almost out of smokie pokies which
sucks but when i called paul to ask him to get me some on
the way home he didn't bitch. Which is a good thing. Talked
to Momo last night and she's all moved into the new house.
I feel so left out, i fucking resent the house and
everything it stands for. Which is a house without me.
4 minutes till Painted house. Listening to
elvis "suspicious minds". Very nice song. Now i'm gonna go
look at nikki's journal and watch my tv.

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