Jena's Rants
2001-12-21 15:25:40 (UTC)


I am feeling very good this morning. I feel in control of
my feelings and it's so beautiful out today, despite the
fact that it's freezing. I watched the squirrels for a bit
this mornining and they were playing around with each
other, hopping into the bird feeders and stuffing
themselves silly. While watching that I had a great idea
for a black and white photograph of this beautiful tree
right on the side of the house, with the sky clear except
for a few faint whispering clouds moving off into the
distance, you can make the mountains out right where the
clouds rolls off into forever. I keep seeing things as
photographs, I really need to get a camera. I've never
experimented with using a camera, but I would really like
to try it out. I have a feeling that I may have a natural
talent for it, because an inner voice has been telling for
about two years now to pick up a damned camera and start.
I have so much inspiration here. I really need to start
making use of it. All I need now is a camera.
Hmmm....that should go on my list of things to do. It's so
beautiful out here, I wish everyone could wake up to the
views that I have here. It really puts things in the right
perspective. It's lovely today.