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2001-12-21 15:24:35 (UTC)

skoolz out!!

woohoo!! *smilez* skoolz finally out...winter break startz
yay! OMG, im so happy dat i wont have to get up so frickin
early every morning to go to skool...dayumz, dis is dah
best! hehe i cant wait til summer break...!!~ welpz, i
dunno im typin dis rah now cuz im skippin mah third fourth
and fifth period classes...i kno i kno, dats not good, buh
watevaz, ish dah last day of skool...wat do u expect?
welpz, um...im suppose to go shopping todayz after skool,
buh i dun kno if i really wanna go cuz i feel lyke im
taggin along wit them...i hate doin dat. buh, im prolly
gonna go anywayz, cuz i gotz nuthin beta to do today...okie
so...ima go now, skoolz outttttttt....boxing day shopping
is comingggggggg....ish all good man, ish all good...

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