Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2001-12-21 15:12:50 (UTC)

Christmas Is Coming. The Goose Fat. Jamie Oliver's cunning new way of keeping me off
potatoes during this (my favourite) festive season.

Its brilliant, you can't go anywhere or do anything without
the feeling that everyone else is doing the same, and
despite the fact that anything I've bought is largely
Christmas free, I get the feeling that somebody somewhere
is scorning everything and everybody.

I guess everyone feels the same. Maybe not.

Things in my head today;
1. Brookside storyline involving Tim. Quite exciting.
2. How good our woodchip garden looks in the light covering
of snow we have.
3. Radiohead, and why exactly I dislike them.
4. Kate Winslet. Just generally.
5. The 5000 word essay hanging over my head like an anvil.
6. Why I can't play a musical instrument.
7. PJ Harvey's legs in this issue of Q shoot. Awesome.
8. Crisps.
9. A cup of tea.

WILT? (This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours) Ready For Drowning -
Manic Street Preachers.