wRiTiNgS oF a GiRL
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2001-12-21 14:39:29 (UTC)

Exchange of Pain For Pleasure....

Nothing to do, nowhere to go...doing absolutely nothing
today. Well, not totally true....between the hours of 9am-3
pm, I'm doing absolutely nothing. After school, I'm going
shopping with my girl Erin. Kickin' off the Christmas
Vacation with style :) Got a Christmas present last night,
and I really, really like it. It's all good ;) Played
Volleyball yesterday, we lost 2-1, I got kicked out of the
game for some stupid reason. D'ah well...talked about
Basketball with Mr. T instead. Then, I played basketball
last night, in this semi-organized Exhibition Game against
the Lions. Didn't do too badly...pretty decent, although I
didn't do too much, other than get run over by a fat chick.
meh..:)It was fun though. Um...not too much else is new...I
had 2 Independants due this week, got them all done and
handed in by the deadline. My stress isn't as bad now, I
only have 1 more Independant to do, a Group Project, and an
Essay over the Christmas break. It shouldn't be too, too
bad, I'll get the Essay done, and the other Independant,
but I'm gonna need help from my group for our project.
Pretty cool stuff. I think that this Christmas Break is
going to be the best one yet..Why? Because, I have 8 days
off, My Cousin's comin' down, and I'll have time to hang
out and just fool around. And, oh yeah, there's Adam...He
can keep me company :p Anyways, I'm gonna jet, the 'Caf is
open now, and I want a cookie. See ya!

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