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2001-12-21 14:28:19 (UTC)

I feel so sick

I'm really pissed because I can't see my b/f on Christmas
Eve. I wanted to so badly. It seems like we never get to
spend holidays together. He's not even sure if I'll see him
on New Years. I think he works way too much. I know its not
his fault though. His boss is an ass and she always makes
him work the days that he asked to be off. Last year he was
in Ca on Jan 1st and I want this year to be different. I
want to kiss him at midnight. Jan 19th is our one year
anniversary. I'm still deciding about what I should make or
get him. If anyone reads this tell me if you think its a
good idea... I was going to print a lot of pics of me and
us together out on transfer paper, and then iron them onto
a pillow case. So that way he'll have a huggy pillow with
memories from our first year together on it. Does that
sound ok? I've been worried about if its a good idea or
not. He said that he's making me something and thats all I
could think of. I mean, I already made him shirt like that
earlier this year. And I made him a dream catcher once. Not
to mention a lot of other little things. I can't think of
anything else. Any ideas?

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