El Diablo
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2001-12-21 10:36:53 (UTC)

Last Day of my vacation.... :-(

Dear Diary,

waaaaaa.....2day is the last day of my vacation. wanted to
do so much in the first ever holiday of mine but managed to
do zip..zilch...zero...nada...nothing ..."NEVVVVER
MIND" !!! I guess holidays are like that - if u dont have
them, u'll never miss them :-( . i wanted to go out for a
movie but i dont like doing that alone, and my sis will
never agree to come along... so settled for one of the
movies in from my collection "The One" It was good but
those guys could have done a much better job with the
graphics...anyways, this makes it the 3rd time seeing this
one, so its ok ....Hey, did i tell ya that i am a movie
collector got loads of cds and DVDs.
chall diary dear, i shall type 2 ya a bit later. let me go
and see if there is something interesting to do on my last
crummy day....