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2001-12-21 09:25:08 (UTC)

Chocolate brekkie

Mood: Happy
Song: "We wish you a merry christmas!"
Cuts last night: Only about 3 on the wrist - I guess the
Christmas spirit has taken some effect.

I have just been for a Christmas breakfast, offered by the
head of our Unit at work. It was great! I have been on a
really strict diet for 4 weeks, and now I can enjoy food
again (just for the next 2 weeks). I had a pain-au-chocolat
and loads of lovely hot coffee. I also got to chat in
French to all the others in the Unit who I don't see all
that often.

Last night I felt really awful, but managed to make myself
go to sleep. It definitely helped. I feel so much more wide
awake today.

After work I am going to buy the Christmas goodies which I
am taking home. Should I buy anything for the Doctor? I
have a dilemma there still. I still don't know whether to
go and see her... It will be my last chance before she
leaves the practice. I want to say goodbye. I will just go
for some antihistamine pills, that way she will leave
believing that I am all well now. I think I will buy her
some chocolates - they are the Belgian thing!

OK. I am going to do a little work now. Feel free to send
me a message if you read this. I hope that you all have a
great Christmas. Next time I write I will be back on my own
PC at the farm in the UK and not stuck on a work computer!!!

Cat x