Green Dolphin

Green Dolphin
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2001-12-21 08:39:56 (UTC)

Doctor Doctor

the stress that grips my brain and my soul is terrible. i
want to run from myself and i want to hide away from the
inevitable future that is coming at me 100 MPH while i move
like a slow lathargic turtle across a highway. the nasty
feeling crawls deep inside of me and turns the whole world
black and everything i had becomes meaningless, nothing is
left except for immoral people doing terrible things to
each other. i have sunglasses super glued to my nose that
block out the good in the world. i can only see the bad
and i want to see the truth, i want to feel something warm
against my skin, to be with a person that loves me. to
know that somewhere out there that there is hope. there is
none in here. only panic and unfulfilled desires. they
creep into my mind and pound out there needs and desires.
twisting my stomach into painful knots and pushing emotions
deeply down my throat untill i almost choke. all that is
left is evil and something i can not define. a foggy
image, an emotion that grips my nerves and i can't explain
what it is.

" Doctor, I am sorry. This patient doesn't have the mental
capacity to remember much of anything"
"Are you sure that you tested her thouroughly? She needs
to be able to absorb information!"
"Yes sir, I am sorry. I do believe it is hopeless. There
is nothing that we can do for her. Her memory is so small
that only memories will be absorbed into her brain, and not
even all of those will remain within her grasp."
"But, the emotional distress this will cause this poor
girl, are you sure that there is nothing? We can't restore
her memory, the part of her brain that is not there?"
"No, sir. I am sorry. We must close this case and move on
with our work. She will forever struggle with information
and the emotional stresses that result."

But little did they know how they overlooked something.
The missing part of her brain was growing in. But
differently. Only years later did they detect this.

"Doctor, Doctor!!! The patient has regrown her brain!!!"
"Let me look at this, I want to see this!! You are right!!
It has grown back, but it is not her memory, exactly, that
has grown back in. The holes are still big, but there is
some tissue regrowth. It looks like some distorted
chemical reaction has taken place from this new growth."
"Could it effect her emotional state? Doctor?"
"Well, you are right, it will. But unfortunately, there is
nothing we can do. The chemicals will keep on producing.
No amount of medicine will save this poor girl."

So after years, she was still hopeless. They pulled the
sheet over her and pushed her through the doors. The
assistants took her away.

"Green Dolphin is closed, case is closed." The doctor
sadly told his assistant.

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