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2001-12-21 08:25:02 (UTC)

Beautiful Thoughts

The thought of your face makes my heart tremble. You're
voice is like a sun shining through the clouds that cover
my heart, warming my body. My love for you is so strong
that sometimes the pain is overwhelming. When you look into
my eyes, you look into my heart, and I cry and yearn for
your touch. No amount of "I love you's" could justify
what's inside my heart. No words can explain how I feel
about you.
The day arrived when my eyes would fall onto the most
beautiful face in the world. That was the day I met you.
The first moment you looked at me, I knew that there would
never be another set of eyes that could make me tremble the
way yours do. From the first time I felt your warm flesh on
mine, I knew that no touch could ever mean so much. The
tenderness behind your fingers sent shocks of electricity
through my entire body, and I knew at that moment, that
nothing could ever be the same.
The feeling of your lips on mine can wake the nesting
butterflies inside. Something happens inside me when you
kiss me, and it's such an overwhelming, incredible rush. I
can't help but lose myself in you and your presense. Your
lips so soft as they kiss every inch of my body makes every
muscle quiver, making me warm all over. The way that you
lose yourself in our kiss makes me feel like no other girl
could ever feel. How incredible it is to feel in your touch
that there is nowhere that you would like to be, then
holding and kissing my body.
No one could ever make me feel the way that you do. In
everything that you do, and in everything you say, you make
my love for you neverending. You are my love; my life.