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2001-12-21 08:02:39 (UTC)

xmas shopping done

I'm finished my Christmas shopping. I'm pretty happy. My
exams are done, my shopping's done. Now I have to sit at
home and do nothing. Which might not be good. Cuz I dwell
on things when I have nothing to do. That's when I get
depressed, and I don't eat, and I'm miserable.
So hopefully that wont happen, cuz it's Christmas. I should
be happy for Christmas. It's my littlest cousin's first
Christmas, that will be cute, and her older brother's first
Christmas that he'll actually have some kind of
understanding of what's happening. So that will be cool.
Went out to Perkins yet again. There's some guy that my
friend knows who likes me. Well, he thinks I'm cute. I
think cuz I'm so hung up on the other guy that it sorta
impedes my ability to like this guy. But I'm not sure. I
guess we'll have to see. When someone likes me before I
like them I always get really wierded out. I don't really
know why. I guess I figure that he sorta just wants me for
sex or something. I don't have a reputation for being like
that (far from it) so it's not like there's a reason for me
to think that way. I hope this doesn't end in some big
horrible mess.