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2001-12-21 08:01:07 (UTC)

5446 means...

i've had a few questions as to what 5446 means, cause it's
not "5-4-4-6" it's "54-46" and it's a reference to a
sublime song, "5446 what's my number now?" for any and all
who know, sublime is my favorite band. anyway, i've gotta
get something off my chest. i went back to my old hs again
today, but i went back before school got out, so i saw a
lot of people i haven't seen in a while. and i heard a lot
of stories about shit that andrea's been saying about me.
and i just keep gettin more and more frustrated, and more
and more pissed off. i used to be depressed about her and
all the crap goin on, but now im just gettin pissed. but
the thing is, everynight, when im layin in bed, just about
to fall asleep...i get that image...of us, together...with
our kids, gettin married, kissing, and the list goes on.
but im still really pissed off!
i want to do something really really mean to her, to get
even with her for all the shit she's said about me. a ways
back, when we first broke up, she said "if you ever want a
relationship with me, don't ever hesitate to pick up the
phone." so what i was thinking, was call her up on what
would be our 1 year anniversary and be like "i wanna get
back together, i still love you and i miss you so much,"
then just be like "just kiddin ya fuckin bitch!!" the only
problem is, she might not even be interested in a
relationship with me again.
i have one more idea to get even with her. she once said
to laura, "i hope something awful happens to mike." so i
want to get a bunch of my friends that know her to be
like, "did you hear about mike?" she's say, "no." "he's in
the hospital, he got stabbed in a bar fight last night."
and it could so work, because im friends with dave, and
sorta friends with kate, whose dave's sister. and she has
class with andrea. so she'd most definitly hear about it.
then i wanna sit back and watch what happens, maybe
nothing. but i want laura to say, "remember when you said
you wanted something awful to happen to mike? well it
happened, i hope your happy." only problem is, she might
actually be happy and say something like "i hope he dies."
i think that'd be pretty damn funny, a little morbid yes,
but pretty damn funny. i gotta get gettin, cause it's 3 am,
so ill be back later to bitch some more! take it easy.