The Nightshade Princess
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2001-12-21 07:05:52 (UTC)

Whither shall I wander???

As I write these lines, one of my best friends
prepares for bed on my couch. Heather slept over this
evening. We have begun the actual planning stage of
something really really big. I shall not tell the nature
of this scheme, nor why we must do this, for reasons that
will become apparent later. She and I have made a long-
considered list of everything we will need and how much it
will cost. I am, at this very moment, listening to advice
from yet another friend of mine who has done things similar
to this before. The timing is more or less decided upon,
the participants chosen, though most do not know of it yet,
and the organizer of this has begun to keep a record of all
that shall take place... every portable food recipie, every
new addition to our lists. This person is to keep the maps
and remind us all to think on our budget and in the space
needed. They will keep us small enough. My job thus far
seems to have been that of the initiate and the idealist.
I think of everything we may need, how we can overcome
problems, and I think of the little things no one else
will. I have a feeling I will also end up being the
peacemaker or else fall silent somewhere in the middle of
the Project. Those who are not on the inside will not
know. Father shall not know, nor shall mother, until
things are further planned. I shall hopefully be on my own
by that time, and it would not matter if they disapproved.
One again, the timing of this excursion would depend on who
is independant in the time frame we've carved.
There is also talk of a "communal" house. The members
of our excursion and their husbands/wives would all pitch
in and build a house together to their specifications. We
are all so much alike anyway we wouldn't have to worry
about decor or anything. There again would come
the "putting up with each other" battle. One one paw, it
would be safer for us; there would be fewer, if any,
attempted suicides in our little group. There would always
be someone to talk to and things to talk about, things to
remember together. On the other hand, our
personality "quirks" can get on each others' nerves often.
I need to go now... I shall write later, and perhaps it
won't be so mysterious.... ::becomes a black mist and
fades away::