*Rock Star*

In the head of a band-aid...
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2001-12-21 06:47:01 (UTC)

here I be!

Here I be! I have not gone far! It is like 12:40 AM. I
not like normal people that actually sleep at night. Im
It is like 5 days till Christmas, well, 4 now.
I have to get up early, like in a few hours to go to work,
Im not tired though, got an email that brought back alot of
memories. It was about the 80's. Reminded me about biker
shorts under skirts, 6 pair at a time socks, pony tails on
the side of your head, and garbage pail kids!!!
HAHA! I remember all of that, even talked about LA GEAR.
Oh, and saying psych at the end of everything... Gosh,
lots of memeries...
I need some sleep now... Nearly 1 am. I wonder if anyone
else reads what I type. I wish I knew... Really I do. I
slept at my grandmothers house last night, they have lots
of musical instruments, and I stayed up late last night
gigging around the house, stage diving onto my old bed.
Had a blast playing for a crowd of 0. Im actully talking
to one of my friends about starting a band for us two. How
great! Were just dub girls with guitars that know people
in high places... I wonder where it will take us..
Must go to bed, into my dreamland, to dream about when the
next time Im going to get NAG mail to reming me to write, I
think if my head wasnt connected, it would roll off and Id
loose it...

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