this is me
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2001-12-21 06:43:39 (UTC)


hmmm, not alot to say. well anyway i didnt get a chance to
write yesterday, i stayed up on the phone with Cassie. we
always talk for a long time, shes really sweet, and the
whole situation with her rents, she deserves better.
anyways, we always talk about her virginity and stuff, she
says she can make it until she is married, i dont think she
can. anyways i talked with kasia alot, she is becoming a
really good frend, and she is such a help to me. the
funniest part about her is her bf tom thinks i liker her,
and me and her both get a huge kick out of it, although i
could see us together later on. i went shopping today, i
got my dad these new drum stick things, my brother an x-box
controller, and kelly a new pair of wool gloves, she lost
her old pair. what else....hmm, i dont understand why
things happen the way they do. ya know what i mean, i know
that everything has a reason for happening, but why cant
the reason be easier to see to begin with? i love kelly so
much, and i always talk to girls about what to do, and
every single one of them has said the same thing. "if any
guy felt that way about me i would be the happiest person
ever" i mean jenny, cassie, casey, shannon, and like 5
others have said that. but i dont see why kelly doesnt
think so. i really love this girl, and i dont know what im
gonna do :( i want to get kelly another monkey like the one
of hers i took, and i want to get her a gift certificate so
she can get the staind cd and i can get mine back. as soon
as i get a bit better at guitar and i get the money i want
to get a baritone guitar, like Mike Mushok, so i can
acually play staind songs, they are my favorite band by
far, every song takes on a meaning to life, they all teach
a lesson and show aspects of Aaron's life and things he
went through, and its real music, it actually has meaning
which is something not found too often. well thats just
something ive picked out, considering i listen to music
24/7 i notice some stupid shit. i really want to try to get
to that thing at 3 for good charlotte, its some private
show if ur one of the first 104 people at some place with a
toy, but i cant get a ride. they are going to be as big if
not bigger than blink 182, they have real good shit, not
too punk, but its enough to get attention. anyways, i would
give anything to get to that. well, we'll see. anyway, i
love you kelly, goodnight.