Jennifer's Words
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2001-12-21 06:40:12 (UTC)

Now for the Real One...

Ok, so hmmm...
well, today I started my first day back at Rocco's. Its
kind of nice to be back, everyone was psyched to see me.
I'm sure that I'll have a run in with someone over
something there. I was a little naive to think that I
could just walk in there again, and not get my assed
kicked. My legs weren't used to it. I did not sit down
for one second between 10:45 and 5, that's why you tip your
waitress!! Shits pretty much same ole, same ole there.
Cutie Lauren is there!! I saw her for a minute today...
she gave me a hug and told me I looked good. She looked
really really perfectly adorable.. like a little munchkin..
ummm.. so cute.. hehe.. I was thinking earlier that I
didn't have a crush again.. but.. haha looks like.. too bad
about her GIRLFRIEND!! Haha.. oh well, maybe she'll show
me the local scene. I don't really have a clue where it's
at, at all... I'm excited to make some money.. going to
drop the *college* as much as possible!! Hehe... the new
work shoes I bought are great...they were cute, but had a
chunk heel, so I wasn't sure, but they put your foot at
just the right angle, so it's really comfortable..
Went to the mall after work. Remembered I had a Filenes
charge, and realized that was how I was going to get my
Christmas shopping done. I was a little nervous at the
mall, about any Brad related run ins. It's a little
ridiculous of me.. what are they going to do?? Beat me up??
I'll kick em right in the balls... hehe.. anyways..
So, my mom rented the place upstairs to a mom and her 2
college age kids.. well come to find out, it's really a
front.. she's not even living here!! she just wouldn't have
been able to rent it with just the kids.. my mom is pissed,
they're causing mad damage.. I just hope they smoke..
Took out the old pictures, got a good laugh out of some of
them.. noted I wore a tux to the senior prom, yeah-uh-umm-
hmm.. hello?? and you were not sure if you were bi or
not??? tux to the prom at catholic school...
really wanting to make a good website at school next
semester with links to private and public diaries... i
mean.. this is nice, but i'm not really talking about what
I'm feeling, thinking, etc... but it's here that I spark
the other, more personal thoughts, in my head to come out,
some yeah.. two links...
Other than that.. feel a mini-heartbreak in the near
future... what can you do?
Off to read some Skinner..

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