Magic of Mascara
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2001-12-21 06:22:51 (UTC)

Makeout Point

I drove to see Jeff today. He called me at noon and woke me
up. (I could get used to waking up to that) He was at work
and asked if i had caled him earlier, I think it was just
an excuse to call me haha. Well then he gave me directions
on how to get there and I told him that i couldnt come up
cause I had work and he friggin called me a panzyass, so i
got off the phone got directions, called him back and left
a message that I was on my way up there. I searched for the
goddamn mall for like an hour and a half. I was so
frustrated. I finally found it, three trips on route one
and two mobile stations later. I go in and I see him and he
tells me I picked a bad time to go see him. His gf was
there and he had just gotten off break. I drove up there to
have a conversation with him about how his vacation was,
not to kiss him and hug him and blah blah blah. So I went
to mickey d's & got a burger wit some cheese. Then I went
back to hang out with him for a few seconds before i HAD to
leave to get to work on time. He shook my hand and I left.
At least he said it was really good to see me.

I felt like a bitch. I left and drove home not singing one
song not saying one words. I usually talk to myself on the
highway. (You know u do too) I was upset and i was moody. I
fuckin drove an hour and a half and I have to be afraid of
ur gf seeing me?? Fuck that. make her understand that u
have friends that are girls. Argh. Girls...jesus christ.
Whatever i dont even care. He wants to come back to Philly
cause he hates being around his family, he said something
like the 2nd or 3rd. He noticed my haircut. The
hairdressers at work did too and they complimented me like
crazy. It's different and I parted it different and i
really like it.

I got off work and drove to Springfield mall hoping to see
Kyle but I didnt. I miss kyle, hes a cutey and hes really
nice. I want to wish him a merry christmas and i want to
ask the girl that works there if she wants to hang out
sometime. (the girl that asked about my tshirt) I also saw
kristine gailey and john. It was nice to see people i went
to school with. I made them laugh when i told them how
boringmy life is haha. I went home after that and changed
my clothes. The I got back in the car and drove to king of
prussia mall except i got off a few exits before the mall
because theres a town there that looks like it has some
great views. Well i drove around a bit and got lost, scared
the SHIT out of myself. But I found my way out and went up
this one road and found th eperfect spot. I cant wait to
show jeff. Hopefully he appreciates what I found because
Ive been on a mission to find a makeout spot for EVER. Its
so beautiful. Then when I left I got on 76 and it took me
right to center city, so i gotta take Jeff and impress him
on my skills of directions haha. Yeah right. I had a good
night. I can finally say I'm happy.