words better left unsaid
2001-12-21 06:01:14 (UTC)

Early bed time!!

Wow.. last night I was, well.. insane. Today I got up
at 11:00 and went to babysit. the little boy I babysat was
sooo adorable!! He is 4 months old. anyway, I babysat for
5 hrs and got 40$. Pretty dang good huh? I desperatly
need the money though. If I can't make enough money to
live on until I can go back to school and work again then I
am going to have to go back early. While that doesn't
sound like a problem the only place I can stay is next door
to..."THE Jerk". You know.. the one who doesn't know
what "no" means. and well, my boyfriend would kill him. I
already have to talk him out of killing him on a daily
basis. OKay.. I can hear your thoughts (assuming someone
is actually reading "why not let him do it??"..
here is my reason: because I screwed up and put myself in
a really stupid position. Even though what happend was not
entirely my fault.. it was in some way.. and I do not want
my bf who I love very much getting in trouble for something
I did. and if he was to fight him.. he would prolly hit
him until he didn't move..then get in trouble. I cant let
that happen. So many people have offered to "deal with
him" but I can't let them.. I don't want anyone to get
into trouble. My councelor doens't understand
She said I should let someone take care of him. I wish I
could. But anyway, back to today. I went shopping with my
mother and we looked for my bf another present... no luck.
he is hard to buy for! when we are walking through a store
I always point out things and say LOOK! THAT IS SO CUTE!!
or... OMG! I LOVE THAT!! but he never does that. I don't
think I have ever seen him just brows in a store.. but I
guess that's because he "male shops". You know.. run in
grab the first package that you see of what you need.. not
even check it and then pay out and leave. Just like that.
lol. so.. I think i know what im going to get but im not
sure yet. OH well.. this is getting very boring so im
going to go. think ill go to bed early :)