monkey princess
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2001-12-21 05:39:46 (UTC)

Licking the velvety fleshiness of my armpit....

is like tasting a new exotic food for the first time. Like
that first time my tongue caressed the ever so slimy meat
of freshly cut raw salmon on rice. I find myself wishing
there was some kind of answer to the yearning I feel for
sexy swimming water mongols with pogo sticks. Here, within
the abyss of of my innards, I writhe with delight as happy
lepagards slither down the dark tunnels of my asaphagus.
Oh!!!Take me lizard man and penetrate me with your agile
tongue, lick the vaginal curves of my womaness and
impregnate my womb with your amphibious son. We can reign
the underworld together, you, me and our little mermaid
Ariel. We can have Sebastian for dinner, sauteed in garlic
There's a voice in my head that's telling me that
Disney characters are unappropriate at this moment, that
these characters may cause some disturbed individual to
slit his/her wrists prematurely. But I really don't give a
fuck. Cuz he sucks big dicks. I like to call him scratch
and sniff for his absurd behavior of scratching his
genitally and then sniffing his fingers to confirm the
stench. Hmmmmm?