Another lost soul

Caste Shadows
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2001-12-21 05:25:49 (UTC)

Thank goodness

It was a miracle. I saw Tiff today. She was okay as soon
as we talked. She's wonderful like that. And I said I
wanted to be with her someday and she said it right back.
And she is always concerned about me and she cares and she
has the world in common with me. I'm a hard person to
understand. She is a hard person to understand. We
understand each other. No one else does. I wish she was
older. She wishes it even more. One day we will be
together though, we both want to very badly.

I'm just so relieved that she is okay. She was
contemplating suicide... all over me. But everything is
okay now. I'm so close to her. Its beyond love.

I've always wondered if there were such a thing. Beyond
love. There isn't even a word for that. Love has so many
woes, so many hurts. This is beyond that. No kissing,
nothing like that. Just her presence. Just a deep
understanding and caring of each other. Anyone can love.
Love seems so simple now. This is beyond. I need to think
about this more, figure out my plans for the future.

But thank goodness Tiff is okay. She says I'm the best
thing in the whole world. I'm starting to think the same of
her. "Love blinds" yes it does. I'm starting to think that
Tiff means more to me than Taylor. But then I feel afraid
when I think that. I can't possibly compare people like
that. I care about them equally. Things will work out.

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