This is the beloved air I breathe
2001-12-21 05:21:48 (UTC)

Lord of the Rings++

I saw the movie The Lord of the Rings tonight. It is the
best and scarriest movie that I have ever seen. I jumped
so many times!

It is such a spiritual movie. Tolkien was a Christian.
The whole movie is one big huge parallel of the Christian
There is a journey that we must take, and we must fight
certian temptations along the way. We have each been
called to our own individual journies, but the path has
been laid out before us. "fate" There is so much, but I
am tired, and I have an exam so I can not go into too much
elaborate detail.
The part when the "Fellowship" was in the Elfan forest, the
human with the red hair (the one who tries to take the
ring) he says, I have been overcome with this amazing peace
that it's all going to be ok. He said something about
picturing what needed to be happening, and that it all
worked out ok. He was scared, but even more scared of the
fact that he felt such perfect peace in his soul. Now, you
may all be thinking..."Gee, Beth, He dies" well, yeah, but
he had perfect peace while he was doing it too.
He also made a choice to let "the dark nature" controll
him, and in making that decision he opened himself up to
the consequences of his action.
God is always there to protect us, but he has also given us
free will, so when we make certian choices we experience
the result of our decision. Whether good or bad

It was all so beautiful.
I cried hehe, I cry at every movie though
I love my life so much
and I also love the fact that I'm here at college learning
about this awesome world that God has created!! In this
great big love fest (:) I'm such a dork ) I must go study
for my psycholgoy exam