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Why are girls so complicated
2001-04-08 03:34:21 (UTC)

Journal 1: Hi! My name is RJ...

Journal 1:

Hi! My name is RJ. I'm male, 17 and a senior in
high school. I'm 5'4" with brown eyes and black hair.
Anyway, I'm trying to figure why I feel such the loser.
Every time I meet a girl I always end up being their best
friend. All I'm looking for is a romantic relationship
with someone I can find "pleasing". Pleasing being a
varying term.

I met this girl in class the other day. She's
funny, smart and has a great sense of humor. I want to ask
her on a date but somehow I can never find the guts to pull
it off. I can't figure out what's wrong with me. I've
been rejected more times than McDonald meat by the USDA so
that's not it. It could be I'm just afraid of success. I
dunno, maybe someone can help me out.