This is the beloved air I breathe
2001-12-21 05:13:23 (UTC)

a way of working out

Just a couple of weeks ago I found myself crying on Doris'
bed room floor because I was frustrated with what I thought
I was becoming.
I had to realize my identity, who I really was. Not who I
think I am, but Who God has created me to be, and in
realizing this, I will discover my identity in Christ
It seems like over the past week or so, God has been
sending me little signals over and over again to remind me
how much He loves me. They are little bits of
Today I was having a conversation with a friend of mine..
we will call her Mandy. I was having a conversation with
Mandy today and she was telling me that I have a strong
idea of who I am. I have a firm foundation.
They say that when you live your life as a Christian people
will notice the difference in your life, but I never
thought people really noticed.
I hate the fact that I represent Christianity, because I'm
a person, a Human. I'm so imperfect, and I mess up all the
time, but people look at Christians and think that's how
Jesus is. Jesus is so much more awesome!!!! God is pure
love. God does not ask for anything from us. All he wants
to do is love. Jesus came simply because He loved us.
There is nothing else required. God does not have rules
for us to get to heaven. If we had to do something to get
to Heaven, none of us would make it, cause there is
absolutely nothing that I, an insignificant person could
ever do to get to heaven. It's all by the Grace of God.
well, anyways, Mandy said that she thought that being
around me would help her out.
I see so much pain in her life. I see so much anger in her
heart, and I hurt for her. I want so much to tell her that
Jesus loves her. God is there for her when she cries, and
he wants to cry with her. He wants to hold her in His arms
and tell her it's all going to be all right.

I picture Mandy to be what I would have become if I was not
a Christian. She has been through so much crap. I have
too, but the difference is that I have been healed. I have
joy in my life. I am content with things. I love life so
much! Why? Because I have a reason to be love
others. I will not be able to look like Jesus if I stand
out on a street corner like a whacko and proclaim that the
end is drawing near. I must simply love. If God can give
me the power and patience to love others, imagine how much
more wonderfully He can do it himself!!