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2001-12-21 05:12:10 (UTC)

day 1

cold right hand, tossled hair, dry lips, bad taste in
mouth, three-day old pajamas.
A summary of my present state.
Home for a few weeks. I'm not sure if I had anything I
wanted to DO over this past break, except for sit around.
That's all I did this semester anyway, basically. Sat
around. Waited. Showered a lot (every night).
Uneventful, but in a simple and mildly sad sort of way.
I guess this online diary will take the place of the diary
i left at home. Anyway, it will be safer considering that
it's not laying out waiting for my father to read it.
Privacy is a strange thing for me to tackle--I desperately
want to push out everything, but there's a huge part of me
that would rather push it out but remain anonymous. That's
what this is for. I can't guarantee anything insightful, I
mean, it's all meaningless anyway (isn't that why you are
reading this in the first place?) Enjoy being a voyeur. I
love it too. Everyone loves it.