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2001-12-21 05:04:38 (UTC)

John Walker.. and other thoughts too..

So, John Walker, born in the United States, has a calling
to Islam.. goes to the middle east to further study. Now
the kid has got himself wrapped up into a big ridiculous
mess. Even more ridiculous is how Americans are reacting
towards this kid. Cries of treason and traitor ring out.
But do these titles really fit? I mean, John Walker was
born in the United States, yes... but what does that really
mean. He has to be loyal to a piece of land that he was
born on that is set in arbitrary borders. So stupid. This
world was not created with barbed wire fences seperating
all of the different countries. In fact, these borders are
so arbitrary, that we don't even know how many countries
are in the World at one time. We are one people and one
world. And while I don't condone the acts on 9/11, I do
not feel that we have really examined the path we have
embarked upon. We are setting a very bad precedent and
example.. war against terrorism, eh? Well, the United
States itself has been convicted of terrorism, so kill us
all!!! Oh no, that would just do too much good in the
world... reduce the population, get rid of the biggest
energy gulpers, pollution creaters, destroyers of the
Earth!! Note: Earth, not country. We are one Earth, one
World, one People. It pisses me off to think that I was
born in these fucked up times.. I would much rather be
picking nuts and berries in the ancient forests of Europe..
I'm so frustrated, I can't even make sense of the thoughts
in my head to put them on paper...