"My Wonderful Life"
2001-12-21 04:56:04 (UTC)


Dont get me wrong I like girls I love girls but some of
them just get on my nerves. Lets take Jennifer she is
annoying time 1000. But she has kinda stopped borthering
me so that good. Then this girl Tiffany. She is annoyint
to she going to come up and grab my arm like she is the
owner of me or like i like it or something. She asked for
my number and I told her 427-3231(not my number) so she is
out of the way for break at least. I dont mind if girls
like me. I feel dumb for sayin that becuz it makes me
sound vain or something. I am really not either. Some of
them just take it to far. like the ones i named I hope I
am not that annoying to people i like. if so I am sorry.
Ok off that subject. we had these thing that you
could fill out and give to somebody and I gave one to
Tiffani and the luck of the draw she didnt get it. That
made me mad as you know what. But I gave in and told her
what it said. I hope you like it Tiffani. I liked yours
it was nice and cute. But i liked what i wrote to.:):)
well it is kinda interesting so I guess i am going to go.#3