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2001-12-21 04:31:26 (UTC)

A peach brandy sort of day

So yesterday I go to New York with my friend Natasha. She's
a freshman at school- actually, part of my freshman cult (I
have a cult!!!). She's facing issues about whether or not
she's actually part of the school anymore after having made
what the school refers to as "a suicidal gesture"- taking
12 tylenol. Anywho, she lives on the upper west side of
Manhatten, so I take the train in and then the subway over
to her place and we hang out. She owns a 4-million dollar
seven-story apartment and her mom is away being the
brilliant business woman she is, so we had the house to
ourselves (her parents are divorced). We had peach brandy,
drunk from champagne glasses, and we played with her new
blue burmese kitten. I was sitting on her roof wit a
menthol cigarette (I don't smoke, but I needed it to
complete the picture) and the glass of brandy laughing at
myself. We went over to her father's place and met a
GORGEOUS black angora cat. I had a maine coon cat all my
life (he died last spring, along with ym other cat-I was
devastated) and this cat reminded me sooo much of him! His
name was Lucifer and he was darling. We had an unbearably
burgeouis (upper-class) tea with her mother's friend. It
was a very "well, I was going to fly into my estate in
england but the weather was a bit nippy so I alerted my
servants in burmuda that I might stop by there for a while"
sort of conversation. Quite sickening, in the end. I took
the 8:43 train back into Princeton. All in all, a lovely
day. I also managed to procure some oxydcodone (morphine-
like pills) and trade them today, which was quite nice.
Anywho, Fiona's out.

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