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2001-12-21 04:25:21 (UTC)

It is finished!

Well, I finally finished my Christmas shopping today, and
it felt like an Alabama christmas outside (no, not rednecks
driving around in trucks with Santa-hats on, though I'm
sure there were some of those). It was actually cold, for
Alabama, today. I went out about noon, and the temperature
was not out of the 40's. It's supposed to get warmer right
before Christmas, then get cold christmas eve into
Christmas day. I really hate the weather we're having now
because one day I'll need to wear my wool sweater at the
heat of the day, and the next day I'm swealtering at 9am.
It really sucks down here. I'd like to move some place
where there are 4 definate seasons, or where the weather is
at least somewhat constant instead of this freaky weather
we have. I also did ALL my wrapping, aren't you proud?
Other than that, I've done jack squat. Sat around and
watched TV and played football on my computer. It's a
boring life, I can't wait to get back to school (HOLY
CRAP! I'm wishing to get back to school? ;P) I know,
I've gone crazy. At any rate, it's been a good break, and
I'm a week into it now. All that's left to do is goof off
for the next 2 weeks or so, then it's back to business. I
did figure out that if I take one summer course a summer
for the next 2 summers, and if I take 15 hours a semester
next year, that in my senior year, I'll only have to take
12 hours a semester! Won't that be wonderful. That has
yet to be seen, but it looks like it may pan out. Also, it
looks (right now) that I'll graduate on time in May 2004!
I know that seems a long way away now, but I know it'll be
on me before I know it. My cold is about dead! (as
opposed to me). I think one or two more days and I'll
never be able to tell I had it.

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